Pre-drilling of pilot holes has become a standard in external fixator pin placement. Pre-drilling is typically achieved through drill sleeves that fit securely into an SK® ESF clamp. This method works well for pilot holes drilled after the initial proximal and distal pins are placed. But what about these first two pins?

Typically, these first two holes are pre-drilled in a free-hand fashion with a potentially expensive, AO-type hand-held drill sleeve. Purchasing one of these sleeves is unnecessary, nor is opening a bone plating pack when an economical alternative is already available in your SK® ESF pack.

By using the existing single SK® clamp, external rod, and drill sleeve included in your ESF packs, an economical version can be built in seconds. A variety of different drill sleeve diameters is available for use with the mini, small, and large SK® external fixation clamps. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple AO-type sleeves and results in a large variety of drill bits one can utilize with this method.