A popular technique that has been successful for spanning joints with all sizes of SK® frames is the utilization of modified single SK® clamps to form an adjustable articulation that is quite secure. The SK® single clamp body is comprised of two different parts: a B-1 body part that is placed on the side closest to the pin-gripping portion of the primary bolt with a threaded hole for the secondary bolt, and a B-2 body part that is placed on the opposite side with a smooth hole for the secondary bolt. Modified clamps for transarticular articulations are built with two B-2 body parts, two primary (pin-gripping) bolts, and two nuts. The articulation is built with two of these modified clamps and two short pieces of appropriate size IM pin stock or KE rod. The angle of this articulation is adjustable and can be used to the surgeon’s advantage when a transarticular fixator is employed in the management of Achilles tendon repairs.

  • Complete Single SK® ESF clamp assembly

  • Modified clamp with two B2 body halves and two primary pin-gripping bolts