Since the 1980’s, external skeletal fixation has become an increasingly popular method of veterinary fracture repair. Over that same time period one can follow a steady progression away from simple ESF frames toward more complex ESF frames - often utilizing multiple external rods and full-pins.

The mainstay of external fixation in North America and much of the world for many years was the Kirschner-Ehmer (KE) device, and because of its long history, fixation pin development and terminology were centered on pins for use with that clamp.

The previous three issues of the IMEX® Update introduced the SK® ESF System, encouraged users to construct simpler frame geometries using the proper sized SK® fixator, and provided case examples of successful fracture management utilizing simple ESF frames.

Proper wire tensioning of small diameter wires on circular and hybrid fixator frames is simple when using the semi-calibrated IMEX® Dyna™ wire tensioner. Recommended tension levels vary according to ring diameter with 66mm rings at approximately 57kg, 84mm approximately 81kg, and 118mm rings at approximately 95 kg.